Hello! ✨ I’m Anna. A graphic designer and illustrator
I have been working as a freelance designer for almost 5 years. Check out my portfolio. I am based in Barcelona, so feel free to contact me and meet.
Как мы поможем тебе получить ВБ
We help to develop architectural companies and teams that create technological innovations
Поиск основания по закону
Существует Закон о воинской службе и воинской обязанности, мы работаем в строго в его рамках; в нем есть положение на каких основаниях можно получить отсрочку или военный билет, оснований всего 9 , из них реально получить по 2-м (мы побывали все) по семейным основаниям и по здоровью.
В этих 2-х направлениях мы работаем и помогаем призывникам на основание этих оснований получить военный билет.
2-й момент если даже у вас есть основание, его часто приходиться защищать, потому как вам могут случайным образом дезинформировать илибо сотрудник военкомата не принимает документы ссылаясь на свои причина, мы в свою очередь знаем все права и обязаности призывника и знаем как защетить призывника, если не признаю документ, если вам
We develop strategy, conception and ideology of the project, offer you a city-planning idea, create zones planning schemes, create a full project plan.
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Improve your business efficiency
We work hard everyday to make our clients happy.
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В случае если мы не сможем тебе помочь мы возвращаем 50% денежных срецтв, это прописано в нашем договоре
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We are a full stack digital marketing agency and we help innovative companies to realize their ideas
We research
We host intensives and workshops
We develop marketing strategies
We love branding and brand positioning
We create branding concepts
We do copywriting
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What kind of traveler are you?
Test your knowledge and find out how good you know geography and what kind of traveler you are. Can you answer these geography questions?
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What is the capital city of Australia?
Melbourne isn't the capital of Australia.
Canberra is the capital of Australia.
Sydney isn't the capital of Australia.
Wellington isn't the capital of Australia.
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What city does not exist in Canada?
There is Vancouver in Canada.
There is Ottawa in Canada.
There is no Anchorage in Canada.
There is Winnipeg in Canada.
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In which countries there is a city called Moscow?
There is no city called Moscow in Finland.
There is city called Moscow in USA.
There is city called Moscow in India.
There is city called Moscow in Russia.
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What country does not exist in Scandinavia?
There is Norway in Scandinavia.
There is Finland in Scandinavia.
There is no Netherlands in Scandinavia.
There is Island in Scandinavia.
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Which island does no apply to Italy?
Capri does apply to Italy.
Sicilia does apply to Italy.
Sardinia does apply to Italy.
Corsica does not apply to Italy.
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You are homebody
Probably you are don't like to travel or just don't know geography very well
You are beginner traveler
Probably you are like to travel and know geography well enough
You are real traveler
You are like to travel and know geography well
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